On the heels of 21 Things the Make Bloggers Want to Scream, we asked food bloggers to tell us what makes them crazy. We distilled it down and present it to you now.

15 Things... Food Bloggers Blood Boil












1. When people ask what a food blogger is.










We share food, recipes and our life with you, and yes, it’s a business.

2. Calling something lasagna when it does not involve lasagna noodles. 











Layers do not make lasagna. Source: Miranda Lemons and Laughs.

3. People change out the ingredients/measurement and then complain when a recipe doesn’t work.












“I didn’t have any eggs, so I replaced them with a banana-chia-flaxseed pulse. It turned out terrible; this recipe is terrible.” Source (of this and other funny comments on food blogger’s sites). 

4. People are too scared to bring food over or invite you to dinner. 












We LOVE food, all of it, yours included.

5. When someone substitutes a different gluten-free flour in a recipe and expects it to work.

Source: http://gifrific.com









“I just started Paleo yesterday, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to make this without the ingredients.”

6. When your readers expect immediate replies.







7. When you post a recipe full of butter and cheese and a reader asks “how can I make this vegan?”















Ask a vegan (I’m not a vegan)!

8. When you get requests for recipes on your Facebook page that simply say, “Recipe for (insert any dish here)”!







9. When a reader invades your privacy. 













10. When people comment “recipe please or where’s the recipe” to a Facebook post that has the recipe link in the post.













Really…the link is in the post!

11. When people ask for every little detail of a recipe.










Youre going to have to figure out some things for yourself.

12. When bloggers make absurd foods just for the traffic.








13. People who want you to do the math for them.









The recipe called for 12 oz of cream cheese, someone asks: “how many packages should I use? My packages are 8 ounces each.” Uh…Source: Miriam at Tales of an Overtime Cook

14. When an otherwise delicious recipe looks terrible in photos.












Sometimes you have to scrap the recipe because no matter what you do, the photo looks unappetizing.

15. When people assume you give restaurant recommendations!













A blog about cooking is not the same as a blog about where to eat.

Thank you to the food bloggers for sharing a slice of your blogging life with us!

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