There are some things only publishers will understand. Maybe you can relate?

1. Having to Constantly Come up With New Content


Been there, done that, need something new…

2. When People Don’t Give you Credit for Your Ideas


All we ask for is a link back.

3. When Family and Friends Question the Validity of your Career Choice as a Publisher


Then there’s this publisher.  She was a financial analyst but she quit her full-time job to blog. Now she makes more than an attorney.

4. When an Ad Starts to Play Music in one of your Browser Tabs


5. When say,  a Tech Site Owner Gets Invited to a Food Site’s Event



6. When a PR Firm Invites you to an Event the Day Before, or the Day of the Event



7. A Company Asking for a Post About their Contest for Free or a “Social Mention”


Unfortunately, the kids can’t eat likes.

8. When Your Post Goes Viral and Your Ads Aren’t Showing Up!


Or the server crashes and everyone gets a 404 error.

9. When Someone Talks Smack Behind your Back Over Owning a Website


Get a grip! It’s publishing people, not world peace!

10. Not Getting Paid on Time


Wrote the post. Shared it on social media. Used the hashtags. Now just want to get paid.

11. When You See Your Stats on the First Day of Q1


We miss you Christmas.

12. When People Say Monetizing your Site is Selling Out



13. When Your Pageviews are Down



14. When Companies Try to Trick Publishers into Doing Free Advertising for Them

Yeah…nice trick. 

15. Figuring out SEO


This post about keyword research can help.

16. When WordPress/Internet Goes Down in the Middle of Writing a Post

Flipping Table Meme

Or when Buzzfeed deletes your post.

17. Always Having to Photograph your Food


Food is to be documented not eaten.

18. When Your Traffic is Slow


Traffic needed.

19. When Someone Comments to Ask a Question That is Answered on the Page


Credit: Pretty Providence.

20. When People Think Being a Publisher is so Easy Anyone Can do it.


Spend 20+ hours writing one piece of content and let us know how it goes.

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