Will Your Ads Ever Run Out?

Will Your Site Ever Run Out of Ads Will Your Ads Ever Run Out? Will Your Ads Ever Run Out? 14

If more publishers join Monumetric, will there be enough high-paying ads for everyone? 

Will Monumetric Ever Run Out of Ads?

We’ve had the same questions come up lately that we wanted to address. Some publishers are worried that if many more publishers partner with Monumetric, we will run out of “high-paying” ads? Or will you start to get low paying ads on your site?

Monumetric will never run out of ads, because of how we set up the organization and the technology behind it. Our system is truly unique in the advertising world because it favors the publisher rather than the advertiser.

How Deep is the Well?

New ad networks start strong and then drop off because most ad networks rely heavily on direct sales to advertisers. An advertiser, such as Disney, will pay a flat fee for 1000 impressions. The Ad Network industry standard is to take 50% of that deal and fill maybe 20-30% of their publisher’s ads with those high CPMs. Then they fill in the rest with lower paying ads from limited real-time bidding sources. As more publishers join on to the network, it becomes crowded. Pretty soon ad prices drop because there are not enough ads to meet the demand. Those great CPMs are no longer available. Since there is a limited supply of high paying ads, the ad network only gives the high payouts to their best-performing sites.

On the other hand, we built Monumetric based on cutting edge real-time bidding processes between the largest ad servers in the world. So we can always place ads dynamically and get the best price for you. Instead of relying on your ad network and the strength of their sales team, you’re relying on our technology and the global prices of display advertising, which are much more stable.

Since we set your foundation with real-time bidding, it’s important that we manage as much of your ad inventory as possible. That way we can make sure your average of all ads filled can make you as much revenue as possible. Some of the larger ad networks only fill your “best performing ads” above the fold, which leaves you to figure out the rest of your ads and use your valuable time setting them up. We will fill all the ads on your page whenever possible.

One more thing, with other ad networks you are on your own to install the ad code. If you do it wrong and it’s not logging your impressions correctly, you are leaving money on the table, sometimes without even knowing it. We take the time to do it right. We will install your tags for you and will even help re-configure your website’s sidebar to make sure it’s done right so you can maximize your traffic.

Put us to the test.

We can only go up from here as we add new sites, and increase our leverage with advertisers. We’ll fill your above the fold, your below the fold, your remnant, or any inventory you give us because we know we’ll be able to perform for your site. We’re only interested in making you as much income as possible.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing marketing@monumetric.com

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