Do You Think Video Ads On Your Blog Are Annoying? What you Need to Know

Do You Think Video Ads On Your Blog Are Annoying? What you Need to Know Do You Think Video Ads On Your Blog Are Annoying? What you Need to Know ARE VIDEO ADS ANNOYINGOne of the #1 requests from our ad operations team at Monumetric is to block auto-play video ads. Like spam or malware, it’s a challenge to get rid of and no one can completely. Keeping these ads off our network is a constant battle. Read on to learn how video ads work, learn how they get through our filters, and why we can’t always block them. Video ads can be complicated so the purpose of this post is to help explain this “new frontier.” This post was written by Andy Nielson, an ad specialist on Monumetric’s ad team. 

Why are there so many video ads? 

With the programmatic marketplace accelerating, many advertisers are looking for more innovative ways to grasp the attention of your readers. The advertisers buying your ad impressions also have to make their investment worthwhile. So they go with what works. Video ads are becoming more and more popular among ad providers because they are more captivating (people watch them). With this shift that is taking place in the industry, publishers have some decisions to make regarding video ads.

As a publisher, it can be a little unnerving to have video ads on your site.  You have an obligation to your readers to create a great environment for the content you share with the world. However, publishers also have an obligation to earn enough revenue to compensate you for the time and money you spend on your site. It’s a balance that you have to strike.

What’s the difference? Video ads vs Auto-play video ads

If you ask any publisher, what they usually hate the most are auto-play audio ads! As an account manager, I despise them as well. The truth is we have all auto-play audio ads blocked from our entire network. However, these RTB’s are open to all buyers. This means more revenue for you, but it it’s also more difficult to regulate. Some advertisers classify these ads incorrectly to get through filters. When they are classified incorrectly, we have to recreate the pesky auto-play audio and track down where it is coming from. It is difficult to get 100% of these ads blocked.

How to block video ads

Blocking video ads is a complex process. It does not block 100% of all video ads. Miscategorized ads may still come through the filters, but a large portion can be filtered. At Monumetric, we make helping your site our number one priority. We are dedicated to assisting you in blocking ads you don’t want.

Some of our ad partners have more advanced blocking capabilities than others. We could remove some of them as ad partners, but we don’t recommend it because that would mean less revenue for you. This process restarts every 24 hours, meaning when your readers come back to your site the next day, they will see the ads being served by our partners with the best blocking capability.  You don’t see the same ads your readers do, though. So if you want to see what most of your readers are seeing, you need to clear your browser cache/history before visiting your site.

Video ads vs animated ads

Our ad partners with the best blocking capabilities are in premium positions and often get shown first. That means when readers come to your site initially, the ads will fit your blocking requests.  However as people continue to read your posts and click on different pages, the ads being served are further down in priority and often quality.


Example of a video ad on a blog:

example of a video ad on a blog Do You Think Video Ads On Your Blog Are Annoying? What you Need to Know Do You Think Video Ads On Your Blog Are Annoying? What you Need to Know videoads

Screenshot from Cook the Story blog













Example of a rich media ad (takeover) with a video. These are high payout ad types:

example of a rich media ad Do You Think Video Ads On Your Blog Are Annoying? What you Need to Know Do You Think Video Ads On Your Blog Are Annoying? What you Need to Know video takeover ad

Example take from Kitchen Daily

What to do if you get unwanted video ads on your blog
If you have video ads or other ads on your blog that are offensive, please let us know by reaching out to your account team. They will do what they can to block those ads. When talking with your account team to specify exactly which ads you would like to block. You can specify by category (for example, I don’t want any video ads) or by specific ad (an ad is offensive to you or your audience).  If you block an entire category it will affect your earnings – your income will drop if you block all video or complete categories of ad types.

Animated ads which act more like GIF’s are in a different category than video ads. Specify which ads you would like to be served on your site. Remember that the more categories you block, the less demand there will be for your ad space. That means your eCPM will slightly drop which each blocked category.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what is best for you – making more from your ads or keeping certain ads off your site.

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That’s really very hard to decide if I keep the video ads or remove them all or which one should I keep and which one should be deleted. I prefer to keep the ads which are not annoying and people will like at least a little.

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