3 Tips to Writing MORE Content FASTER

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3 Tips to Writing MORE Content FASTER



Create Content on What You Love and You’ll Always be Helpful

1. Write about what you know and love.

Posts about subjects that you are passionate about will write themselves quickly. However, you may find that you have trouble keeping the word length down!

2. Share helpful information.

If you come up with fascinating insight, a helpful link, productivity tip, hidden shortcut or some little-known resource, you don’t have to write extensively about it. Just a few lines or an image box will do. People will just want to grab your unique quote.

3. Write daily.

The best way to develop your writing skill and finding your writing voice is by developing a daily writing habit. Aim for 250–500 words per day. Don’t go over the limit — this helps build self-discipline.

This month is truly a test, as I write between 50–60 blog posts across 30 days plus dozens of publicity email blast, press releases, and letters. So, I know firsthand the value of writing daily.
While I wouldn’t recommend this highly intensive schedule to any blog newbie, writing daily is definitely an habitual act that you should try to develop–not necessarily to blog daily, but to write daily: from little notes to your kids in their lunch boxes, personalized letters to long-lost friends, or detailed tutorials and recipes for your upcoming blog post. No matter what you write, just adopt a daily writing ritual.

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Ponn Sabra is a best-selling author and homeschool mom of three tween and teen daughters, also bestselling authors and problogger, [http://PonnSabra.com]. The Managing Partner of Blogger Babes, Ponn prioritizes writing daily, even if it’s dictating into her phone’s voice recorder, handwritten notes in a journal or singing brainstorms like Scuttle (Little Mermaid reference) to annoy her family.

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