Affiliate Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

SCULPTURE & ART Affiliate Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Affiliate Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday SCULPTURE ART 682x1024One of our most popular posts is about how bloggers can make money with affiliate marketing. Given that Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, we wanted to share some specific tips on ways to monetize your blog posts with affiliate offers.

First, a bit of background about Black Friday. It’s starting earlier, now around Halloween. It’s becoming less of a day and more spread out. Second, people are procrastinating their holiday shopping until the last minute. Third, more sales are happening on mobile devices.

Research from Adobe says:

  • Black Friday will become the fastest-growing online sales day of the year, with $248 billion spent, on track to outpace Cyber Monday.
  • However, for online sales (which bloggers care most about) Cyber Monday will continue to be the largest online sales day.
  • Thanksgiving Day will be the day for mobile sales. 31% of online sales will be generated via
    smartphones and tablets, up from 21% in ‘13 with sales expected to reach $418 million.
  • Top gifts include Mobile Phones (iPhone 6/6+), Wearable Devices such as FitBit, 4K TVs from Sony and Samsung…and more (read the report from Adobe to see the full list).

Here is data from ShareASale showing the top 7 days to focus on as affiliate marketers (but it applies to selling anything online, including your own products).Click to read what they’ve learned from many years of helping affiliates capitalize on these days.

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In case you didn’t know, ShareASale is a sponsor for our annual educational conference for bloggers – Build your Blog Conference. We’re so happy they are partnering with us and have exciting announcements coming!

What does this mean for bloggers? OPPORTUNITY.

Take advantage of the extra attention and traffic you get this time of the year. Specifically:

  • Make sure your gift guides are up sooner and then promote them heavily on the top days listed above.
  • Prepare a last minute guide or let your readers know which gifts are easy and quick to get online in time for Christmas.
  • Make sure your gift guides or promotional posts show well on mobile phones (test it).

Right now affiliate managers are sending emails giving you their biggest promotions and sales. Make sure to open and read them to stay current on what they offer. Groupon is hitting it hard this year, so if you are an affiliate click the link to see the big sales they have and see if they’re a fit for your blog.

Take advantage of tools that affiliate networks offer to help you capitalize on this time of year.

For example, ShareASale has a tool called Make-a-Page that builds a custom table or a scrollable gallery of specific products to display on a post or page. You build it and then get a code to make a nice display of products. They also have a bookmarklet tool that you can use to create an affiliate link to any product from your merchants.

Another affiliate network, AvantLink has a feature that lets you search merchant ads by category, including Black Friday and Christmas. Blendtec, for example, has 30% and a 15% commission. So you’re giving your readers a great deal on a blender and making 30% on whatever they spend!

AvantLink also has a bookmarklet called Snaplinker, that you can drag onto your bookmarks bar. Here’s a video with more info. They have many webinar recordings that teach you how to use their tools and other topics relating to affiliate marketing.

A Black Friday Deal from Monumetric

If you’re a deal blogger you probably don’t even have time to read this post (maybe next year)! Everyone else, please stay tuned for our own Black Friday Deal coming soon!

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