Maximizing Revenue: How to Maintain Your Ads.txt with Monumetric

Maximize your revenue with ads.txt redirect

We’ve recently provided a lot of information about ads.txt. From the fundamentals to a straightforward explanation of how ads.txt affects your revenue. Hopefully, we’ve made it clear how critical it is to maintain that file up-to-date and tidy. Here are other resources designed to help publishers maintain their files even if they don’t use the […]

How Ads.txt Impacts Your Website’s Revenue

Unlock Ads.txt

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) introduced a new tool in 2017 to help protect the integrity of the programmatic advertising world. Its purpose is to reduce ad fraud in the form of profiting from fake or fraudulent inventory.  This tool is called “Ads.txt,” which stands for “Authorized Digital Sellers.” Publishers use this tool to make […]