What Google’s switch to MCM means for publishers

Throughout this article, we’ll be talking about the following: (Feel free to click any of the links above to skip ahead if you’d like) The world of advertising technology moves fast and changes on a dime. You may be unable to keep up with every piece of news and industry jargon, which is why we […]

How I Make $3,000 A Month With IZEA

Katie is an IZEA pro who makes $3,000 a month with their sponsored post opportunities. We reached out to her to ask how she does it. What Is IZEA? IZEA is a sponsorship marketplace. You can sign up and create your profile, linking to all of your blogs and social media accounts, which allows potential sponsors […]

7 Ways Publishers Can Increase Their Affiliate Revenue

The affiliate marketing channel represents 16% of total revenue for top publishers, according to a recent survey. Yet, many publishers will say that affiliate marketing does not work for them or they see minimal returns for their efforts. If you feels that you might be more of the latter, there’s a lot you can do […]

How Blogger KC Coake Exploded Her Traffic and Doubled Her Income

KC blogs at The Real Thing with the Coake Family blog where she shares organizing tips, recipes, DIY, crafts, organizing, kids activities, family, holiday & seasonal ideas. She started with Monumetric in September of 2015 and is thrilled with how much her site and income have grown since then. I caught up with her recently to see […]

10 Publishers Who Publish Monthly Income Reports

Here at Monumetric, we love the first of the month because it means income reports are coming out! Not only do generous publishers share what they made, but they share their traffic and what they are doing to grow their sites. There is so much information and value in reading them. Income reports link to beneficial […]

How to Turn Your Skills Into A Thriving Blogging Business

Guest Post by Martin Leneundonk of Cleverism.com According to a recent survey, established part-time bloggers across the internet bring in an average of $33,000 per annum. Full-time bloggers earn much higher, working less than 30 hours per week to earn as high as $200,000 annually. Tim Sykes, a renowned blogger makes a million dollars monthly teaching people […]

The Buzz on Gluten-Free Living

“In the United States alone, over 3.1 million people are eating gluten-free due to allergies, Celiac Disease, or health reasons. Our goal is to help inform gluten-free people about products, restaurants, and other resources to help them in their journey. Having gut health issues can be very difficult, so we hope that we can help […]

Welcome to Monumetric

I hope by now you have all heard the exciting news that The Blogger Network is now Monumetric! We have changed our brand (and a whole lot more) to better serve you. Along with our new name and our new look, we will continue to provide you with a world of opportunities to help you continue doing […]

How Apple’s Ad Blocker Controversy Affects Publishers

On September 16, 2015, Apple released mobile iOS 9 and on September 30th Apple will release the desktop OS X El Capitan. As part of these releases, Safari will have the ability to install ad blocking apps that prevent ads from showing. As a result, publishers, especially those with a lot of traffic from Safari, […]

Google’s New Filter: A Game Changer for Ad Blocking

A few months ago Google announced it’s plan to release a new ad blocker to Chrome early next year and now is in it’s initial stages of testing. Right off the batt publishers may have experienced a moment of unnecessary panic in hearing this announcement. Although Google is releasing and ad blocker of sorts, it […]