We believe people are

the heart of the internet.

We believe that people providing people with information, education,
connection, and entertainment is a fundamental human purpose.

We are not a tech company.

We are a people company.

We strongly believe that we can add value to any publisher we come in
contact with, be it monumental or incremental.

We are the best solution that will out-hustle, out-integrate, out-
analyze, and out-data any team you’ve ever worked with.

By leveraging and building the most cutting edge technology that exists
today, we create solutions to empower website owners better than
anyone else.

Why Monumetric?

The change from The Blogger Network to Monumetric is our way of including
all digital publishers and website owners. We felt strongly the new name had
to blend people, technology, and data. Monumetric is the best way we can
describe who we are, what we believe, and what we do.


“Monu” came from the word Monumental which is the impact that publishers have on their readers and the impact we make in the lives of our publishers.
It’s also a literal abbreviation of what we do. We take the
personality, the expertise, the gift publishers share with the web, and we
monetize it for them. We monetize you.


Metric signifies our commitment to technology, data, and to always “Measure What Matters.”
We empower our publishers by helping them measure what
is most important for their site.

How did we choose our logo?

Monu is the human side of our brand

Some inspiration behind “Monu”

Manu is the Hindu deity responsible for the progination of mankind.
Montem is Latin for mountains. We’re proud we’re not an LA or NY company.
maxresdefault (1)
Manu in Mauri means “flight” or “bird.”

We call our new icon The Pale Blue Dot, sharing the same name and
referencing the impactful monologue from Carl Sagan.

The icon represents the position of earth in our solar system. The
entirety of mankind, all on the same spec of dust. When people
provide people with information, education, connection, and
entertainment, it unites us as humanity and drives us forward as a
collective family.

Learn About Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot


What are Monumations?

Because Monumetric is all about enabling digital publishers to pursue their passion profitably, we needed a way to visualize how we partner with you. Out of this need we developed Monumations.  The colorful lines in these images depict our presence helping our publishers as they work to grow their sites.

We Monetize You

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