Branding & Consistency

On a website, branding is what makes you stand out. It’s what makes you memorable. You are a business, and your business represents something. Branding is how we relay what our business stand for to our followers. Branding includes everything from your content and logo, to the ads on your site, to what you post on social media.  

Branding is important both for you and for your readers. The benefit of branding to a reader is that it: 1) makes it easier to identify your site and products and 2) reassures the reader of consistency in quality. If a reader tries your recipe or downloads your eBook and has a positive experience, they will want to continue using your products or services. Having a branded site will help repeat visitors recognize you and your quality.

The benefit of branding to you as a publisher is that: 1) brands can be advertised and better recognized when a reader sees your ad or boosted post, and 2) branding can reduce comparisons with competitors. If your site is branded well, consumers won’t confuse your products for someone else’s. This will help you establish your niche and become known as an industry expert.

So how do you determine what your brand will be? You want your brand to be tied to why you started your site and what you love to do. You have to be passionate about your brand if you want your readers to be passionate about it! When you’re thinking about your brand, you should ask yourself:

  1. What does my site stand for?
  2. What is my niche?
  3. Who is my audience?
  4. What relationship do I have with my readers?

Once you have a firm grasp on how you want to develop your site, you must position your brand. In your branding and advertising efforts, position yourself by highlighting what makes your website different, better, or special. What distinguishes your brand from all the others a reader may come across? Clarify your brand’s uniqueness to your readers. Positioning is more than just creating awareness. Your reader needs to have an image of your brand in their mind. This will develop a strong relationship between you and your reader.

Once you’ve developed a strong, effective brand, integrate that brand into everything you do. All of your content, social media shares, posts, emails, ebooks – everything should be branded. Readers can find you through many different avenues. They can find you through an organic search, click on a pin, find your link on Facebook, or see your post on Instagram. Regardless of how a new reader stumbles upon your site, you want it to reflect your brand. Here are some of the best ways to promote consistency in branding:

Create a consistent brand across all platforms – If someone follows you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, you want them to easily recognize your brand. Whether someone is following you on social media or receiving your weekly emails, they need to recognize you. Some ways to create consistency are:

  • Use the same filter on all your photos and images
  • Incorporate the color scheme from your website into your emails and social media posts
  • Stay true to your message in social media posts, guest posts, emails, and comments


Have the same profile picture across social media accounts – If someone sees your Instagram account and tries to find you on Facebook, you want them to know they found the right account. Your site will also feel familiar to the reader if they’ve seen your picture before.

Put your logo on basically everything – Include your logo on all pages of your website. Put your logo on images, especially shareable ones. On images, try to put the logo somewhere where it wouldn’t be easily cropped out. If you spend a lot of time creating a graphic that goes viral, you want to get credit for it! Essentially, you want to put your logo on any type of content or post a reader could come across.

Provide consistent quality – Branding exists to provide assurance to readers. Readers want to know that a product or service is of good quality before they purchase it. If the quality of your work differs, your reader’s perception of your brand will decline. On the other hand, consistent high quality reinforces your brand.

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