Creating Concise Content

Let’s be honest. When someone goes to a website looking for something, they’ll only spend a few seconds looking on that page. In fact, most readers only spend about 15 seconds on one webpage. If they can’t quickly determine whether or not the information they need will be in that page, they’ll move on. By writing more concisely, you can make sure that readers will quickly understand the intent of your post. It will help them navigate your page and your site better, and help lower your bounce rate.

So how do you make your site stand out from the other websites out there? You need to provide unique content tailored to your target demographic. Know your audience and know what their needs are, what their pain points are. By knowing, in a very specific way, what your readers want, you can eliminate the fluff and write specifically to their needs. It’s easy to pad a post with backstory or filler sentences that don’t add value. Try eliminating phrases or sentences that don’t add to the theme of the post. If your reader doesn’t learn something from a sentence, does it need to be there?

Use your Google Analytics to learn the demographics of your readers. Picture them in your mind and try to write to whom you think will see your post. Ask your current readers for feedback. Find out why they come to your site and what they expect. Meeting those expectations and impacting the lives of your readers should be your goal. Customize your content to the needs of your audience and always add value.

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