Creating Consistency

The #1 piece of advice we have for you is this: Use an editorial calendar. As a blogger, you have a lot of moving pieces to keep track of. Between writing, responding to comments, and promoting on social, there’s a lot to plan for. An editorial calendar is essential because it helps

you learn from what you’ve done in the past and plan for the future. Eighty-six percent of bloggers want to publish more content, and using an editorial calendar will help you do just that!

How do you get started using an editorial calendar? There are essentially three options:

  • Create your own using Excel or Google Sheets
  • Find a free online template
  • Use a paid subscription service like Co-Schedule

Regardless of what calendar you use, we recommend you set deadlines for scheduled posts, social and email promotion, and post evaluation using Google Analytics.

Using an editorial calendar will help you focus your time so you can increase the frequency of your posts. If you’re able to post more content, you’ll ultimately gain more social shares, more readers, and more subscribers. But remember, we never want to sacrifice quality for quantity. It’s all about writing better posts more often.

Scheduling your posts is also a great way to increase consistency. By scheduling posts in advance, you’ll be able to post at a similar time and day every week. If something comes up in your personal life, you won’t have to worry about pushing your release date back. WordPress has an easy scheduling feature that will take care of posting for you. Our one caveat to posting in advance is make sure you’re still reading and responding to comments. You still need to be available to your readers!

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