Develop Your Voice

The thing we LOVE about publishers is that each and every publisher has a story to tell, and they have their own way to tell it! The important thing to remember is that your readers come to you because of the way you tell your story. Blogging isn’t about comparisons or competition. It’s not about trying to do what everyone else is doing. It’s about fine-tuning what you do best! You have something unique to offer, so embrace your own voice and style. So how do you develop your personal voice?

  1. The first place to start is to think about how you speak. We’ve already mentioned that your website should read like a conversation. Listen to yourself talk and think about the colloquial phrases you use in your speech. Incorporate these into your writing to have a more casual, unique tone. You can also look at outside influences. What cultural influences make an impact on your voice? What books or literature do you read that affect your writing?
  2. A great way to find your voice is to physically write your thoughts down. Journal about your daily experiences. Write about the things that happened during the day. When you look back at your writing, you’ll be able to see what things are important to you, what things inspired you, and how you described those things. A great benefit of journaling is that it reduces thoughts about negative events and improves your memory.
  3.  Another exercise we highly recommend is to freewrite! Just start writing… about anything. Don’t edit, just keep writing. (Hard, we know, but stopping to edit can get in the way of your creative flow!)  After 10 minutes of freewriting, look back at what you wrote and see if that matches the kind of content you’re posting to your site.

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