Get a Mobile Template to Beat Google’s Algorithm Changes

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Get a Mobile Template to Beat Google’s Algorithm Changes



Google’s new algorithm that favors mobile friendly websites and was released today, April 21, 2015. What does this mean to you as a publisher? It means opportunity.

With this update, Google will favor sites who are using a mobile friendly template. This means if your site is mobile friendly, then your SEO rankings will increase. Your site will have a higher priority on Google’s servers. If site blog is not mobile friendly then it could be knocked off the first few pages, never to be found.

Monumetric wants to help. We have a solution for this mobile friendly requirement with our very own FLIGHT mobile template. This template conforms to all of Google’s new algorithm rules. Not only that, it will provide a better user experience for your readers.

Google did us all a favor, especially if you have ads on your site. Now you can have a significant advantage over others who don’t optimize for mobile. The figure we’ve seen is that on average, 60% of site traffic comes from mobile.

To make sure you don’t lose out on search traffic, Google wants your mobile blog template to have:

  • Text that’s large enough to read on mobile
  • Easy-to-click links
  • A responsive design (which means your site has the same URL for desktop and mobile, but “responds” according to the screen size of the device)

If you haven’t checked to see if your site is mobile friendly, then the time is now! Just enter your URL here and Google will tell you: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly

Did you know that this year there will be the first year that more ads will be served to mobile devices than to desktop?


Did you know that most advertisers pay more for mobile ads than desktop traffic?

The traffic you get on mobile is not the same as desktop and if you’re using the same ads for both, you’re likely missing out. If you use a regular mobile template, most will stack all of the ads at the bottom of the page where most readers won’t see them. We integrate the ads within your content so it looks seamless.

By using FLIGHT, you will not only meet Google’s new algorithm requirements but you will also increase your ad revenue performance over time. It takes some time for advertisers to get to know your traffic and optimize for it, but then you should have a better user experience and higher payouts for your ads.

We have been updating the design of our template (see below) and will be releasing the new version very soon! Don’t wait though, get the template now and it will help you with this change and make it faster to get the new design.

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