How to Build Your Ad Strategy Around UX

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How to Build Your Ad Strategy Around UX



How your readers navigate and interact with your site is of utmost importance to your sites success, and your advertising can play a big part of that engagement. Think about your own browsing experience. You take in everything on the page and that includes ads. Even though you might not always notice the advertisement on a page all of the time, they are part of your digital world. It makes sense then that optimizing your ads and improving your user experience really go hand in hand.

As a publisher, you deserve to be paid for all of your content, and advertising makes that possible. At Monumetric we believe in advertising because we believe in people and what people have to share with the world through the internet. Advertising is the means for publishers to do what they do best and get paid to do it. Because we do what we do with the publisher in mind, we want show you the best ways to incorporate your ads in the best user experience possible to add to the quality of your site.

First things first, when you optimize your ad strategy, your user experience is also improved. You have to see your site as a whole, and how your viewers see it. Every element of your site from your layout, graphics, fonts, and ad placement all contribute to your user experience. If it’s on your page it needs to be considered equally with your ux.

To help you understand specifically how to best optimize your ads for positive user experience we will walk you through what you should consider when it comes to your digital ad set up.

How do Ads Contribute to UX?

There are two different types of ads which can add or detract from your user experience. The first type of ads are found only on shady websites that we do not serve in our network. These sites run pop ups or pop downs, redirects, auto playing audio ads, and certain full screen ads that can all be considered aggressive. These sites live for revenue manipulation instead of publishing quality content. Their quality of ads and ad strategy match the quality (or lack their of) content on their site.

Ads that can detract from user experience:

  • Pop ups
  • Pop Downs ( Ads that bring up another tab hidden beneath your viewable tab)
  • Redirects
  • Full screen ads without x buttons
  • Overly flashy and distracting ads
  • Inappropriate ads
  • Auto audio play video ads
  • Ad clutters

If you aren’t using these types of ads you can rest assured your ads are not taking away from your user experience. Ads found in your sidebar, in the top or bottom of your page, on the bottom of your images, or before your videos are natural and expected by your viewers and won’t scare them away.

Ad Strategy & UX

Ads can be an excellent source of revenue. Your ads should fit within the layout and feel of your site. Build a strategy that works for your site and your readers. Here at Monumetric, our philosophy is not like most networks in that we do not suggest just adding MORE ads to your site to boost revenue. Every site is different. Your layout, design, length, structure, functionality and content type all can play a huge part in building a perfect strategy for your site.

Always remember you have ultimate control of what type of ads you let run on your site. Sometimes a more aggressive ad might be worth it to try on your site. For others this may not be the best option. This is where running an A/B test on your site will show you what types of ads work and which ones you might want to move around. If you choose to run less aggressive ads try placing display units above the fold where they can be clearly seen, but aren’t blocking content for an alternative healthy payout. They key to making the most from your ad revenue is having naturally placed ads surrounding high performing content. Whether it’s a great video, photograph, graphic or article place quality ads next to or around quality content for a naturally navigable site. When deciding your strategy keep in mind each site is unique and needs a equally unique strategy to ensure the highest yield. If you are unsure what that perfect strategy might be for your site, test our free site analysis.

Ad Providers & UX

Who you chose to advertise with is key to your user experience. Top quality ads can add to the aesthetics of your site. Ads that are poorly designed, cheap, spammy, inappropriate, or offensive might seem foreign to your viewers. At Monumetric quality is key. All of our ad partners provide the highest quality advertising demand to all of our publishers. Because advertisers know they have a better chance at success by showing ads to already interested potential consumers advertisers want to fit your viewers interests. These targeted campaigns keep the foodies seeing ads for new cooking utensils, the fashionistas seeing an ad for a new indie fashion line, and the athlete enthusiasts seeing ads for newest gear. Overall users enjoy seeing ads for products they already like and the more targeted ads are the better they will resonate with your audience.

When deciding which ad providers or networks to work with pick a network that fits your site goals. Some providers only work with certain niche sites and niche advertisers. Others simply push the max amount of ads without any of the quality. Remember although you might not be hand picking all the ads that loads on every viewers browser, you can hand pick the people you work with and the quality of your advertisement.

Site Design & UX

If your ads are in the right place, they will become part of your site. Ads do take up some space on a page and have to be factored into your site layout. Consider your content and ads within your site design and ad strategy. Placing ads in obscure places may change the look of your site and make it harder for readers to navigate. When your ads are in just the right place on your page they will add to your design and give you a higher payout.

When creating your ad layout, make sure to build a separate ad layout for your mobile and one for your desktop. This keeps things clean and running the way you intended them too. A desktop created site seldom looks good on mobile and vice versa. For both your design and advertisements sake take the time to build separate layout.


Your readers trust you as a publisher and come to your site for content. Keep their trust by keeping your content as your first focus and monetization second. When readers are flooded with more product suggestions, ads, and external links than content they might start to see your site as platform for ads more than a platform for quality content. Never give your viewers a reason to question your trust or credibility by spamming them with low quality advertisement.


Advertising makes publishing possible. Most of the largest sites out there run ads and keep their following and revenue simultaneously. Focus on your ad strategy and keep your readers as number one. Your ads should add to your user experience. To find out exactly how to do that for your site specifically, speak to a monetization specialist today to find an ad solution that will work for your site and your readers.


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