Integrating SEO into your Posts

Integrating SEO into your Posts Integrating SEO into your Posts no image

When it comes to SEO keywords are, well, key! Make a list of the keywords your ideal reader would use. What exact words or phrases would they type into a search engine? If you’re having trouble coming up with keywords, search online for alternatives. Type a word into Google search and you’ll see a list of alternatives show up. It will show you common phrases people search for with that specific keyword.

Once you have your keywords, incorporate them into your content. Try to mimic the language that your ideal reader would use to search. It should be casual, everyday language. Search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated. They don’t just search for keywords, they’re trying to figure out your intent! This is great news for your content. You don’t need to repeat the same stale phrases over and over again to rank well. You just need to really understand the problem or question a reader will have and provide a thoughtful, original answer.

Optimize your page around a primary keyword. Include that keyword in the post title and the URL. Keywords should be in the body and headers of your content as well. Linking to other reputable sites will help increase your rankings. Finally, make sure your site is optimized for mobile. More than half of internet searches are now done on mobile, so Google rewards sites that offer a good mobile experience.

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