Master your Grammar

We feel like this doesn’t even need to be said, but on the other hand, we read content on the internet and know that many writers don’t take this to heart. Grammar is IMPORTANT! Fifty-nine percent of people say they wouldn’t feel comfortable making a purchase from a business that made obvious grammatical errors. Using proper grammar will give you authority and credibility, make reading easier, and clarify your message.

Maybe leading up to this point, you haven’t given much thought to your grammar and have written off the common mistakes or uncertainties as part of your “voice.” The good news is that you can keep your voice while still conforming to English conventions. Unless you have someone teaching you the rules of grammar, it can be hard to learn. Having a good spell checker is much easier. What if you could have both?

Monumetric created an eBook called The Blogopedia that’s a list of our favorite online tools. We included a short list of very powerful spell checkers and editing tools. Our favorite editing tool is called Grammarly. This is an app that will catch more errors than your word processor. The best part is that it explains what is wrong and how to fix it. It’s like an English teacher that doesn’t give you homework!

Grammarly is a free app you can download to your computer and automatically integrates anywhere you write online (hint: WordPress). Try it today and see how your writing is doing. Make some changes without sacrificing your style or voice. Your readers will appreciate it and new audiences will notice the work you put into your website.

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