Optimize Formatting and Layout

The formatting and layout of your website can be as important as the content itself. The visual aspects of a website make a large impact on whether someone stays on the page or moves on to a different site.

Optimize Infographic optimize formatting and layout Optimize Formatting and Layout OPTIMIZE 4 200x300Online readers are usually skimming, so your text needs to be formatted for easy comprehension. Research shows most people skim text so quickly that they only spend enough time on one page to read less than 20% of the text. To make sure readers can easily skim your text, use headers and subheaders to describe the sections of your post. Use bullet points and lists where appropriate. Keep your paragraphs short. Backgrounds can be great and will add depth to your site, but make sure it isn’t too distracting. You don’t want the look of your site to distract from your great content!

The main things you should focus on formatting include: 1) text, 2) color, 3) “About” page, and 4) ad-friendliness.

1. When it comes to text, readability is everything. Websites are read on a screen, so we recommend using a sans serif font, like Verdana and Arial. Text should be hierarchical on your page. This means what’s most important should be largest and at the top.

2. Format your site with a color palette. Establishing a color palette will help brand your pages and create consistency across your website.

  • Use no more than 4 colors.
  • Incorporate this color palette into all of your pages.
  • Colors should show up clearly on a screen, whether it be on a desktop, tablet, or phone. 

3. When it comes to formatting, your “About” page should receive a lot of TLC. Why should you spend time on this page? Readers are very likely to click on this page after reading one of your posts. Have a link to your “About” page listed visibly on every page. Letting readers learn about you helps them feel they have a connection with you – and when they feel a connection they’re more likely to return to your site.

4. Finally, when you’re formatting your website keep ad-friendliness in mind.

  • For a desktop layout, the best format for implementing ads is a content area wider than 730 px with a sidebar of over 300 px.
  • If you need margins of 10 px, then you should format a sidebar of 320 px.

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