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How It Works

Flight uses our proprietary technology to place ads within your content based on either word or pixel count. With the ability to customize how often your ads show up on mobile, you can be as aggressive as you would like, to monetize your mobile traffic. Rather than pushing ads down below the content, where their viewability plummets, Flight can make sure your ads are placed in valuable positions automatically.

For example, in short posts you won’t have a trillion (estimated) ads, but maybe two or three.  In long posts you will see more ads to best optimize the real estate the content has to offer. This increases your site’s ad performance and viewability. More ads seen = higher ad revenue.

Flight works with all mobile responsive websites and is available to all levels of Monumetric members.

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Flight has been amazing for me.  By optimizing for mobile ads, it has increased my mobile income by 40%!  It only took about a week to adjust my earnings and it was well worth the effort.

Jennifer Garza
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  • Utilizes your own mobile responsive template (no more managing two different sites!)
  • Dynamic ad placements in high viewability areas
  • Premium mobile advertisers