Q1 Got You Down? Here’s What You Can Do About It.

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Q1 Got You Down? Here’s What You Can Do About It.



It’s that time of year again. The rush of the holiday advertising spend is behind us and now the large majority of the advertising industry is re-adjusting its budgets and strategy for the new year. Just about every website that utilizes programmatic advertising will see their CPMs fall into the cold depths of the first quarter. All publishers will watch with trepidation as their revenues decline into their lowest troughs until they start to rise again in March and start walking their way back up for the rest of the year (except for July when spend usually dips again).

The good news here is that the Q1 earnings drop is one of the most consistent trends in the industry and predictability is good for your Publisher Success and Yield teams here at Monumetric. If we can predict CPM changes based on seasonality, it means we can make adjustments to your ad auctions to squeeze the very most out of every available ad impression.

Why does it happen? If you’d like to learn more about the cycles of the industry and what you can expect quarter by quarter, you can read all about that in a previous blog post here.

The most common question we get once content creators understand why ad spend declines after the holidays is, “What can I do about it?”

More good news here, there are some things you can do!

The first thing we recommend is to evaluate your chosen ad strategy and request from your Publisher Success Team to give you personal recommendations based on your content layout and traffic behavior. Being a little more aggressive during the low CPM seasons can help stabilize your monthly ad revenue.

We’ve put together a quick list of the 4 most common ad types publishers add to help bolster their revenue in January:

1) VOLT Video player — This is a video unit that sits in your content and plays ads before muted video content that relates to your site’s content niche. If you have your own videos, we can also play your own video playlist after these ads play for higher engagement on your content. Simply navigate to the “Tools” tab in your Monumetric Console and select how you would like the Video player to appear on your site and we’ll start getting this unit up and running on your site!

2) Interstitial Ads — These are ads that appear when the user navigates to a new page on your site. These ads are great for engagement but can be considered poor for user behavior since they must be closed to continue navigating your site (think of them like a subscription pop-up that must be closed to continue scrolling). These are limited to only show once per user per session per day to maintain optimial user experience. These ads have great CPMs though and are a good incremental revenue option. Please email your Success team if you’re interested in trying this ad format out.

3) Sticky Pillars — These are 160x600px ads that stick and appear from the bottom left corner of your site. They stick and can refresh, giving your site a boost in both viewability and number of impressions per session. Your success team can get these added if you would like to request them by emailing your team at “Success at monumetric.com”

4) Header and Footer In-Screen Ads (mobile) — These are the 50px ads that stick to the top and/or bottom of the mobile screen. Just like #3, they increase impressions and are highly viewable without interfering with your content. Make sure to ask your Success team for help in getting these added to your pages.

There may be more options that are available to you based on your current ad strategy. Please feel free to reach out to your team here at Monumetric and they’ll provide custom recommendations to you as quickly as possible.

As always, our team is hustling and bustling behind the scenes to help optimize your ads at every opportunity to help you make the most out of your passions so you can continue to publish profitably!

Here’s to making it through the first quarter and onto a great new year!

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