Congrats! Your site is growing, and you are ready to start monetizing your traffic through ads. To make the most out of your ad spaces you want your ad providers to pay top dollar for your ad impressions. 

At Monumetric, we are able to ensure the best rate  through driving up the competition. By having your site backed by multiple potential advertisers, we create competition for people wanting to advertise on your site which gives you more revenue per ad.

Before that happens your site has to go through a screening to see if it meets the criteria of these providers. This is called the approval process and it is the very first step in working with us

Remember the more Ad Providers that approve your site means more people are willing to spend their money placing Ads.

Ad Providers are the key to monetizing your site. These connections we have with providers will get you the most money for each ad placement. When you sign up with us or any ad network, these top notch providers have to decide whether or not it’s worth it for them to advertise on your site.

In the approval process, Ad Providers look at your site and say yes or no. That yes opens the door to monetization while a no puts you in a sticky situation.

We want to help you get approved the first time around and start making money immediately.

To do that, we spoke with approval experts Chris Hallenbeck the Director of Traffic for OpenX and Morrie Hudiburg of Sovrn. Both Chris and Morrie spend hours approving and disapproving sites. They share their inside tips to getting your site approved right away.

  1. What are the main things you are looking for when approving a site? Likewise, what are those red flags that will quickly get you disapproved?

Morrie: We are looking for quality sites with quality content. Sites will get quickly disapproved if they have copied content, fraudulent traffic, ad clutter, among other things.

Chris: We’re looking for general adherence to industry best practices: ensuring advertisers get value for the filling the ad positions on any given site.  The review includes but isn’t limited to a review of ad density, documentation of significant, verifiable levels of organic traffic and social media following, as well as a site’s recent history/reputation for NHT (non-human traffic).  

  1. Tell us what the process is like for you when approving a site.

Morrie: Each site is looked at by two pairs of eyes and has to pass IAS and all of our third party traffic quality tools. We also look at things like user interaction on the site and social media. We have high standards at Sovrn so we can connect quality demand with quality publishers.

Chris: We use a combination of both quantitative measurements as well as qualitative judgments to determine overall inventory quality.  

  1. What is the most common misconception you hear about the approval process?

Morrie: The most common misconception is that if the site, goes through the approval process, it will get approved. We’ll look at every site but there’s no guarantee it will pass all the standards and be approved for our network!

Chris: The most common misconception is that we’re only concerned with fraud.  We are indeed interested in preventing fraudulent inventory from reaching the exchange, but we are also focused on making sure the inventory we accept for the exchange will be perceived as being good quality.  In other words, some sites have great content but place all their ads in locations where they are rarely seen or refresh ad tags regardless of whether they are in view or not.  

  1. What is the number one thing publishers should know and factor in when trying to get approved?

Morrie: Be familiar with the standards of each of your partners, but for Sovrn, quality is our number one priority. Each site in our network was approved because they have high quality, unique content on a quality site.

Chris: Brand new sites who haven’t developed a reputation via 3rd party tools and a following via social media are the most commonly rejected sites.  We recommend publishers submit sites with an established following and organic audience for the best chances of acceptance.  

  1. My site was denied does that mean I could never be approved in the future?

Morrie: If your site is denied, it could be approved with some changes depending on the denial reason. A site that was already on our blacklist would not have a chance of being approved in the future, but a site that was denied for ad clutter could be approved if the extra ads are taken down.

Chris: We are willing to re-evaluate rejected sites when the reasons for rejection are mitigated.  For example, a site with 10 ads per page was rejected – but upon reducing the number of ad units per page to 5, we reversed that decision and allowed the site in the exchange.

  1. What is your number one tip for publishers?

Make quality content your focus!

Quality: here are some things included in that definition:

Besides having engaging new content, your site should have excellent user engagement. What that means is that you have comments on your posts as well as social media engagement.  If you don’t have comments enabled on your posts, now’s the time to get those up!

On the other hand, there are a lot of red flags that will quickly get your site disapproved.

Here are a few of those reasons*:

*Ad Providers may/disapprove your site for other reasons specific to your site.

Ok now, to ensure you have the best shot at approval before you send your site in go through these tips and make sure your site fits with what providers are looking for and you’ll be on your way to monetizing your site!

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