We’ve been talking with StumbleUpon about their new program for bloggers: #StumbleBloggers. They want to showcase the incredible content that bloggers create and bring you new traffic. Recent algorithm changes from Facebook and Pinterest have cut traffic for some blogs. At Monumetric, we really believe in diversifying your social traffic. StumbleUpon is a great way to do that.

Post written by Andrew Levine @ANDLEVINE, Head of Partnerships & Communications, StumbleUpon & 5by

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StumbleUpon, one of the largest discovery and social referral engines, just announced a new program for  the blogging community:#StumbleBloggers. We have over 180 million pages in our index but it’s not only “big media” brands that make the Stumbling experience dynamic. Some of the most popular Stumbles come from independent blogs, microblogs, forums and beyond.


If you’re new to StumbleUpon, here are a few tips to get started:

Here are some screenshots of the app:


We launched #StumbleBloggers to recognize the legions of hard-working bloggers that help power the Stumbling experience, and to gather fresh content that our community may not have found otherwise.

Participation is simple: Bloggers can submit content using this Google Form and we’ll add your pages to our official Lists. (Think of StumbleUpon Lists as a curated Stumble journey.) We’ll feature the Lists for all StumbleUpon users and amplify them across our apps, email newsletters, and social channels. Our favorite submissions will also get promoted and shouted out from our official social handles. Visit stumble.it/Bloggers for additional program details.

We’re grateful for all the early support for #StumbleBloggers and we’re excited for you all to be on this journey with us. StumbleUpon is invested helping bloggers succeed on and off our platform so we look forward to growing the program in 2015.

Thank you for your participation and help spreading the word. Feel free to reach out on Twitter (@ANDLEVINE) with any questions!

Looking for a sample tweet? Use this:

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Tweet: Calling all bloggers! @StumbleUpon just announced #StumbleBloggers. If you’re creating content, join the party: http://stumble.it/Bloggers

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