How to Crush Facebook Live

    Did you know people spend almost THREE times as much time watching live video over regular video? Or how about that video generates  135% greater organic reach than any other form of media on Facebook? You could say Facebook Live is kind of a big deal. But going live in front of anyone can be […]

8 Instagram Changes (And The Opportunities They Bring)

By now, you probably know that changes are coming to Instagram. Last month Instagram made the announcement that they would be implementing algorithms. Posts will no longer show up strictly based on chronological order. This has caused quite the commotion among small businesses (and publishers, since most of us identify as small business owners!). We […]

6 Pinterest Changes (and What Publishers Can Do About It)

We are excited to bring you a guest post by our friend Susan Wenner Jackson.  She’s the VP of content partnerships at Ahalogy, co-founder of the Working Moms Against Guilt blog. Learn more about Ahalogy’s free Pinterest tools and sponsored content opportunities for bloggers. What’s up with Pinterest lately? Bloggers are buzzing with this question […]

How I Make $3,000 A Month With IZEA

  Katie is an IZEA pro who makes $3,000 a month with their sponsored post opportunities. We reached out to her to ask how she does it. Read on for her excellent tips! What Is IZEA? IZEA is a sponsorship marketplace. You can sign up and create your profile, linking to all of your blogs […]

Tips On Scheduling Social Media

Scheduling Social Media

Running a site without having the ability to schedule posts, tweets, and pins would make managing social media an absolute 24-hour job.  Social media schedulers are the ultimate time savers. We can, with confidence, bet almost all of our publishers use social media schedulers to manage your social media, but if you’re not, you’re missing […]