Blogging Lessons Learned from Blended Conference 2014

Blended was a great blogging conference to get connected with publishers in Arizona as well as a diversity of publishers from all over the country. Here are some takeaways that can help all publishers improve their branding and marketing.

Include your kids or family in your media kit.

Keynote speaker and Maria Bailey from BSM Media, MomTV, and @MomTalkRadio, told us brands may be just as interested or even more interested in working with our kids as they are in working with you. Evan, an 8-year-old, was on Good Morning America and he reviews games and toys. For Maria’s Beaches Social Media conference there will be a moms and kids panel discussion.

If your kids are social, include them (and their stats) in your media kit. Here’s an example of a social family media kit fromThe Jet Set Family.

How to take advantage of this trend: Create a holistic media kit that includes your kids and their niches as well as where they are active on social media. Provide numbers on your family’s reach, not just yours individually.

Another trend Maria is seeing is younger women who have huge YouTube followings are getting married and becoming moms. The same brands who publishers pitch are now looking for video stars to work with. It will only strengthen your offerings if you do video too. It’s also an additional way to monetize your site with video ads.

Know your Readers – Enable Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reports.

If you want to work with businesses,  it’s important to think and act like a business and part of that is knowing exactly who your readers are. Maureen at Wisconsin Mommy@WisconsonMommy outlined ways to do this, including using Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reports. You can get information about your site visitors including age, location and gender. To get this data you have to update your code and privacy policy. 


Wendy Beville O’Neal graciously shared her privacy policy with us – she noted that she hired a 3rd party to create it. The Blogger Network has a privacy policy sample that we can share as a starting point also. The instructions on how to enable the interest reports are inside your Google Analytics account. Note that you must update your privacy policy, add a line of code and then validate your changes. It might not validate the same day. Come back and check the next day. If you’re on WordPress, here’s a tutorial on adding Google Analytics code directly or using a plugin.

Go to and share your email (in the sidebar) to download Maureen’s slides.

Once you have data you can use it to really know who is reading your blog and also to create a media kit. You’ll better know what you can offer when you reach out to brands and who to reach out to. Be sure to have a PDF version of your media kit too, so brands can print it out.

Make sure on your media kit and business cards include:

I was surprised at how many business cards I get from publishers are:

Don’t make people guess your value. Once you know your market you can see what brands are trying to reach them and be ready to show your value. When you’re proactive in reaching out to brands, rather than waiting for them to come to you, you have a huge advantage. Having a professional media kit with a well-defined target market is the first step.

Talk about what is coming up on your blog and tease about what is coming next.

Dan and Rachel at Blogging Concentrated (not officially part of Blended, but an add-on day) talked about how bloggers should think like CEOs. You should always promote what is coming up and hint at what’s coming next. Build excitement! Movie theaters do this all of the time by having displays in the lobby about upcoming films, having movie posters about future films and showing previews. TV shows do it too. They have teasers for what the next episode will be about. In your blogging, talk about what is coming up and then what you’re working on next.

The Pioneer Woman did this so well with her cookware line that is coming in 2015. She is talking about it now and giving a sneak peek, a full year before the products will be available:


Hopefully even if you didn’t attend Blended, you learned some things that will help your blogging success!

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