Here at Monumetric, you may have noticed that we love blogs. We want to show that love in the work we do and now that it’s Valentine’s Day we wanted to start a new tradition: #bloglove. This is the day to profess your love for a blog. This week, tell them how much you love their photography, their writing style, or their wicked funny sense of humor. We challenge you to leave a comment on a blog post that you love most!

To help you out we created some Valentines you can share with your favorite blog or on social media. Give one to someone you stalk love.

I totally stalk you[r blog].


You ComTweet Me.


 Be My RSS (Real Special Someone).


I’m so glad we Stumbledupon each other!

stubledupon valentine

We hope you like our Valentines! If you have any ideas for next year, please leave them in the comments!

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