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VOLT Video Monetization



Incorporate video into your ad strategy, and watch what happens.

*Section taken from “Lights, Camera, Click”– An ebook on all you need to know when it comes to video.

Advertisers know people aren’t watching broadcasted television anymore. They also know that digital video streaming is the way to go if they hope to put their product in front of eyes. Advertisers are willing to pay more for the chance to advertise in video content. It’s simple. Publishers who incorporate video and video advertising into their strategy are seeing higher CPM’s and engagement than those who don’t.

So how to make your videos profitable?

At Monumetric we understand video isn’t something that will get big in the future, it’s huge right now. That’s why we’ve released the first ever video serving prebid solution available to a distributed network of publishers. Our player generates the highest CPM’s while keeping latency lower than any other video player on the market.

How does it work?

As your page loads, our VOLT Video Player simultaneously calls our network of top quality advertisers to place their bid for this particular reader. As the bids take place, the player loads and is ready for the ad. Within seconds, your video player is playing a top-CPM ad without draining your browsers resources.

It’s simple running premium video ads with your content will drive your advertising earnings.

Is Video Right For My site?

Do you want to increase your revenue? If so, video is right for your site. Whether you have current video content to monetize or your just thinking of ways to boost your CPM’s video is right for you. Video is the most engaging content online and will continue to grow in popularity. According to Cisco it’s predicted that by 2020 at least 82% of all traffic will be video. That means you can’t afford NOT to have video on your site.

Besides the fact that video will engage your viewers unlike any other medium, it will also deliver a monetary yield unlike any other. Our video player loads ads with the lowest latency on the market. We customize your video strategy to fit your site, and with so many options you can ensure you’ll get the best set up for each page.

Publishers who have been weary of video implementation in the past have even said what a difference video has made for their revenue while maintaining a positive UX.

“Though very reluctant at first, I eventually learned to LOVE my video ads , AND don’t tell anyone, but every now and then I even watch one just for fun,” Ronnie of CareerNook.com says.

Here are just some of the options available for your site.

Pre roll– Before your video plays a short premium video ad will play just before the video content plays. If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube you’ve seen this type of ad appear just before any video.

Post roll– As soon as your video content finishes, a post roll ad will play immediately after in the video player. On Netflix when you finish watching an episode usually a post roll ad plays before it suggests watching the next episode.

Mid roll– For those of us who have grown up watching our favorite series on cable television or on Hulu or Xfinity, you have witnessed a slew of mid roll ads or what seem as short commercial breaks in between larger sections of video. Due to our current video viewing habits, these types of ads appear very natural within longer video content.

Outstream– A video ad that appears in-between content when a user scrolls through a section of a page. The video player will only show up when the space is scrolled over or interacted with and then will disappear once it plays. Due to video’s high engagement levels, this can be a high paying ad compared to static in-content ads.

Remember: all of our video monetization strategies are tailored to deliver high CPM’s while maintaining positive user experience. To see the difference VOLT video player could make on your site click HERE.

Other ways to Monetize Your Video Content…

Product Placement/ Branded Videos/ Sponsored Videos

Beyond video ads there are a few other ways to successfully use video to increase your revenue. These types of revenue are more direct-sales related and might take a little bit more work to get started. Publishers who often use products in their content, for example food or beauty writers, can make unique connections with brands to have a product simply placed within the video. You know in movies when everyone is using an iphone, but it’s never addressed? Or maybe all the characters drive Ford trucks? Those are examples of product placement. Maybe it’s a bottle of windex in the background or a certain makeup brush are all video experiences that companies will pay top dollar for.

A step beyond simple product placement is sponsored or branded videos. Just like sponsored posts these videos are sponsored by companies for you to film using, or talk about something specific in your video.


To say that video is the latest rage would be an understatement. Video is becoming the way we relay information, emotion, connection and entertainment. Keeping your site alive depends on keeping up with the latest trends and technology, and that includes video. Video will not only grow your engagement and traffic, it will grow your revenue.

We know there is a lot to know though about video. From equipment, to shooting, to distribution, to monetization, there is a lot, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. To access all you need to know about video and video monetization, download our free book “Lights, Camera, Action.” today.

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