What is a Publisher Network?

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about online ads, ad networks, and ad exchanges. The fact of the matter is, this industry is complicated. It’s highly technical. To properly optimize your ads, you need to really understand the process inside and out. One option that publishers have is to join a publisher network. The job of a publisher network is to manage programmatic ads for you. If you’re not part of a publisher network, you have to manage these ads yourself. You need to understand how ad exchanges and ad networks work in all its intricacies. You have to set the trigger and price floor for each exchange. You have to know which ad networks will pay you the most for your ads. That’s a lot to manage while still running a website.

Optimizing programmatic ads is time-consuming and requires a lot of trial-and-error testing if you’re just getting started. Monumetric has an entire team working on ad management. We test new ads every day to make sure the ads are performing as well as they possibly can. Many publishers find that joining a publisher network frees up time so they can focus on writing content and growing their following.

Being part of a publisher network not only gives you peace of mind about optimizing ads, but it also results in more advertising revenue going directly to you. Online advertising is a very fragmented industry. An ad passes through many hands before it ever gets to the publisher. Here’s an image that shows just how many players there are between a marketer and a publisher:

We can see there are a lot of people and companies standing between an advertiser and a publisher. And in such a fragmented industry, each of these players takes their portion of the advertising revenue.

We can compare online ads to buying an apple. There are a lot of people that stand between you and the apple orchard. The apple starts with the farmer, is then sold to a distributor, who sells it to a warehouse, who sells it to a grocery store, where you can then purchase the apple. Each of these players takes their share of revenue from the apple.

In this example, the farmer sells the apple to the distributor for $0.50. The distributor sells the apple to the warehouse for $1.00. The warehouse then sells the apple to Whole Foods for $1.50. Whole Foods then marks up the apple for $0.50. Even though the apple was sold for $2.00, the farmer only gets $0.50 for it because of all the intermediaries.

A publisher network is like a giant warehouse that works directly with the apple orchard and sells directly to Whole Foods. At Monumetric , we have many publishers so we sit in the middle of the string of transactions. This eliminates many other intermediaries from the transaction. Fewer intermediaries mean fewer hands getting a share of your ad revenue.

Publisher networks can be beneficial for a number of reasons. These networks manage your ads so you don’t have to. This gives you more time to focus on your content. You also have more peace of mind in knowing your ad performance is being monitored. Publisher networks eliminate many other intermediaries from the transaction, so more ad revenue goes directly to you. With a publisher network, it’s all about saving you time and increasing your income. If you’re interested in using programmatic ads, you may want to consider joining a publisher network.

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