In the world of online advertising, there are a lot of players. There are website owners selling space on their site and there are advertisers buying that space. These transactions are happening more frequently than we can even comprehend. Google serves nearly 30 billion advertising impressionsevery single day.

With all of this happening on a daily basis, how do we match up publishers and advertisers? An advertiser wouldn’t want to visit every possible website to try and find the perfect spot for his or her advertisement. It would be a lot easier if the advertiser could have access to a lot of supply at once so they could purchase more impressions more quickly. This is done by what’s called an ad network.

An ad network is a company that connects website owners to advertisers. Ad networks bring together a lot of supply (ad space) so it’s easier to find advertisers that will purchase the supply. With so many different websites and advertisers with specific needs, aggregating impressions is the easiest and fastest way to buy and sell them. This brings together a large audience so advertisers can buy online ad impressions faster than ever before.

The world of digital advertising is enormous. Unfortunately for website owners, there has been little guidance on the best ad tech to implement on their sites. This has resulted in many sites only monetizing with Google Adsense. Check out this great list of 11 Adsense Alternatives!

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