There’s been a lot of talk about how putting ads on your site detracts from the aesthetics. Purists have said that you should have ads for your own products and phase out ads or ad networks altogether. Yet, another viral post talks about how putting blog ads is a silly monetization strategy. The popular bloggers who said they wanted to phase out ads decided shortly after to put them back on, citing the lost income was too much. After that, they showed even more aggressive ads.

Are you tired of working for free or very little? Are you afraid what your readers might think if you put ads on your site? Would you rather put your time into what you do best (creating content) while letting pros run your ads? If you think having ads on your site is silly, you’re missing out.  Read on to see what this publisher has to say about how ads have helped her site and saved her from quitting. 

Why blog ads are not a silly monetization strategy

Before we met you guys, I had personally made an agreement in my heart that ads would decrease my users reading experiments, while at the same time, I was getting 100% sick and tired of creating free content for people only to never have those same people book a class, service or buy anything. So, basically, I felt like I was giving out tons of free info (no other medium is doing this at all), for no return. Naturally, I was getting really drained and kind of disgruntled.

SO, when David found you guys, my original feeling on it, was “I guess, maybe”.

Now that the ads ARE there – my opinions have radically changed.

I feel a renewed sense of excitement for writing again. Having income from my writing makes me want to write more, where before I was planning on quitting blogging altogether. I don’t feel as annoyed when someone writes me wanting an article on this or that – before I was all, “I’m not doing free work for you!,” now, I feel more like, “Great – if it brings more viewers, the more the merrier!”

Also, I feel like the ads actually make the sites look classier and more professional – not what I previously thought about it decreasing anyone’s experience.

And apparently my readers think the same (most of them, that is).

Since ads have been placed on my site, I have had several readers and clients comment on how I’m getting ‘so big’ or I’m such a ‘big deal now’ in the industry. I was always writing, but I think before the ads were placed, public perception was that my site was something smaller and less important than what it was. Now, in a strange twist, I think the ads make people take my writing more seriously now. It’s like having advertisements gives you some sort of credibility in some people’s eyes. So, that’s an interesting good thing I didn’t expect at all.

And most importantly, I really appreciate the extra income and not having to do all of the work to get it. Trying to learn advertisements and all the jargon and the ‘tricks of the trade’ felt so overwhelming for me and like something that would take years to learn. I appreciate you guys managing all that.

From someone that came from the non-profit industry, it feels like you guys are almost as much acting as an advocate for publishers as you are being a business. It’s like I can’t decide – wait, are they publisher advocates? Or. . . is this a business?

In other words, I appreciate your expertise and all the background work that it takes to deal with all the ad networks and figuring out placement.

Also, I’m a convert to advertisements. I think they are a benefit in many more ways expected besides income – added credibility with readers, my desire to write is now more renewed than ever, and I can spend more time doing what I love (writing).

Okay, that’s all!

Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate all the work you do.

– Amanda Linette Meder

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