Why Partner With an Ad Network?

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Why Partner With an Ad Network?



The ad industry is complex to say the least. When you see an ad served on your site you’re really only seeing the end result of an entire process. Just to give you a taste of how complicated the connection between an advertiser and publisher can be, take a look at this image from LUMA Partners.

As you can see there is a lot going on. Trying to navigate the industry is possible, but incredibly difficult especially while keeping up with your site. That’s where an ad network comes in. Instead of spending all of your time trying to understand this mess, you can focus on publishing your content while the ad network works on giving you the revenue you deserve for all of your work.

Here at Monumetric we came into this industry as a publisher. With our background, we understand the realities of publishing. We set out to create a partnership that would empower the publisher to create content profitably. Your site takes a lot of time and energy to be maintained and most publishers like you don’t necessarily have the time and resources to optimize both your site and ad strategy at the same time. We bridge the advertiser directly to the publisher giving you revenue and the advertiser eyes to serve their ads to.

What is an Ad Network?

An ad network makes it possible for advertisers to run their ads on multiple sites without having to connect with each publisher individually. They give publishers the opportunity to run high paying ads without having to connect brand by brand. Ad networks bridge strong advertising connections and a pool of quality publishers to save both sides time and money.

Ad networks facilitate the advertising that appears on publishers sites and where advertisers place their ads. Because they serve as the connection between the publisher and advertiser, and run the server where this interaction happens, they can control the way ads are bid on by the advertiser and what type of ads fire on a publisher’s site. Their job is to match the needs of the advertiser and publisher.

We like to compare this process with a simple analogy. Let’s say you have a garden that you love. People come to see it for free, but to make money you plant a few apple trees to sell the apples to fund the garden. Advertisers are store owners who want to buy your apples for their store. The problem is running an apple orchard takes not only a lot of work but a lot of know-how. You are focused on your garden and don’t have time or the know-how to connect with all the apple buyers to get the best price for your apples. The store owners are busy running their stores and need to find multiple trees to buy from, this can take a lot of work in addition to running their store. The Ad Network or orchard workers step in to collect all the apples and bring them to a private market where store owners can select all the apples in one space. Both parties let the Ad Network or orchard workers make the best deal possible. The advertiser gets the apples he wants and the publisher or seller makes money while doing what they do best growing their garden.

To better understand this analogy and relationship see this apple orchard analogy come to life in this video.

Why Use an Ad Network?

As a publisher all of your energy is focused on your site and that means your time. Between building new content, maintaining your site, promotion, social media, monetization efforts, and reader relation, there is a lot of work to keep your site alive. At the same, you need to be paid for your work. Now imagine trying to build, manage, and optimize a healthy ad strategy for your site on top of it all. That’s a lot to do.

Even if you were able to make time to run some ads, yourself you simply couldn’t have the time to build the technology and pool of quality advertisers to make the most for each ad on your site. Just to see what type of revenue difference working with a trusted Ad Network could be and how much time you could save check out our FREE income analysis.

Advertisers have the same fight for time. The time it would take to contact each publisher, communicate which ad is available, negotiate the cost for each ad etc. they wouldn’t have any time to create their ads or sell their product. By using an Ad Network both the publisher and advertiser can trust the network will make their business possible without all of the extra work.


Ad networks specialize in ad technology and ad optimization to get the publisher the most for their impressions. We want you to get the MOST out of your ads so to do that we build a custom ad strategy and fill it with quality advertisers. Advertisers bid on our server that we manage. This ensures you are paid the most for your impressions. The best part is an Ad Network is only successful when it’s publishers are successful. If you aren’t making anything off of your ads, neither are we. Plus partnering up with an Ad Network is usually free to you.

Quality management

As a publisher, you make all kind of connections and are constantly networking. Even so, you most likely aren’t trying to connect to the best advertisers to run ads on your site. An Ad Network does that for you. At Monumetric we only work with premium advertisement partners to ensure the highest quality of ads on your site. Our advertisers partner with us knowing we have high quality publishers as well, so they are willing to bid more. We set high standards for our ad partners so you don’t have to worry about ads that are offensive or inappropriate showing up on your site. Because you had a custom strategy built on your site you won’t need to worry about overly intrusive ads either. Your site is managed and maintained by a team that focuses on quality first.

Tech Optimization

The ad industry is constantly evolving . New ad technologies are always rolling out. It’s not easy to keep up with the latest trends in the advertising space, but when you have a dedicated ad tech partner working with you it’s not a problem. Ad Networks live and breathe ad technology. Our ad optimization team is constantly testing and trying new technologies to get you the most for your ads. They are industry experts who focus on monetization through display advertisement. You are an expert in your field now you just need an expert in not the ad space.

At Monumetric our team has worked with thousands of publishers of all different sizes and niches. Our experience gives us the knowledge to truly monetize your site versus you trying to do it yourself. Ad network are in place to make the connection between advertiser and publisher successful and profitable. Their research, focus, and efforts are all for the success of this relationship. Ad networks work with you and manage your ads for you. When something breaks or you want to change your ad strategy or site you have trained professionals there to make it possible. You can trust that when needed you don’t have to rely on your own ad expertise, but a team that knows what they are doing.

How to pick the right Ad Network?

Letting someone else manage a part of your site takes real trust. Before you partner with any Ad Network it’s critical you do your research and ask the right questions. Remember all networks are not the same. Some networks are niche specific or focus on only certain metrics. Pick an Ad Network that works for your site and your revenue goals. Find out about contracts, fees, expectations, etc. all before you decide to join forces.

At Monumetric we believe you deserve to have full control of your ad strategy and that’s why we work with you to early on to build the strategy that fits your needs. We’re here to give you all the resources, strategy, advice, and opportunities possible but let you make the final decision. After all it is your site.

Letting an Ad Network help you with your advertisement will give you the greatest yield for your ad spaces without any extra, stress, cost, or time on your part. To see what you could be making with a trusted publishing partner , try our free income analysis today and start getting paid what you deserve.


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