Why Use Network Header Bidding?

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Why Use Network Header Bidding?



If You Think Header Bidding is Working for You Now, Just Wait

Header Bidding is an ad serving technology where advertisers bid simultaneously for desired impressions in exchanges as soon as the ad is called. Previously, impressions were auctioned in a waterfall where impressions would get passed down one by one to advertisers. Each time an impression would fall to the next advertiser it would loose value. Header bidding also takes place in the header of a web page outside of the ad server. Because advertisers are bidding at the same time as each-other, each advertiser gets a fair chance to bid their true value for each impression and publishers get better rates for their impressions. Instead of watching their impression lose value as it’s tossed from one advertiser to the next, publishers can see competitive bids being served at the same time and can watch the best rate being selected.

This new auction method ensures publishers get the best price for each impression thus increasing their advertising revenue. Advertisers love it because they get a fair, first-chance look at every impression before they bid making it a win-win situation for both parties.

To see how header bidding works check out this graphic.

Image Courtesy: clearcode.com

Why Use Header Bidding

As far as the technology side goes we’ve barely just scratched the surface. More important than understanding the tech, you should understand why so many publishers are implementing header bidding into their ad strategy.

As mentioned above, creating competition for your impressions raises the price advertisers are willing to pay to fill an ad space on your site. The more they pay for a filled ad unit means more revenue. According to Digiday, publishers saw CPM’s almost double when header bidding was implemented on their site. Publishers aren’t only seeing a spike in their CPM’s, but an increase in fill rates. Advertisers are more likely to compete in a header bidding auction because they can hand pick their inventory which means in turn you could also see higher quality ads specifically targeted to your audience. Higher quality ads with a higher payout…need I say more?

How to Optimize Header Bidding On Your Site

There are two ways to implement header bidding on your site, one way is attempting to set it up yourself, or two, partnering with a header bidding expert who knows a little more about header bidding optimization. Our team at Monumetric has implemented header bidding technology across thousands of different sites and have built a top quality exchange pool where premium advertisers and premium publishers join forces to meet their advertising goals.We know how to get you the revenue you deserve.

Depending on the size of your site and your revenue goals, it may seem like the best option to set up header bidding is to plug directly into a few exchanges. If you have the time and know-how we can understand wanting to try to set it up yourselves but….

An Ad Network Might Be a Better Option…

Whether you’re just starting your site or if you’re a Quantcast top 10 veteran , teaming up with advertising optimization experts will usually give you more return than you could ever occur yourself. Picture this: More return, saved time, less energy, and no stress.

When using header bidding, your header code will need to be monitored and updated frequently. This takes not only lots of time in addition to running your site, but sufficient know-how. An ad network, on the other hand, lives and breathes ad code and has a team of experts who know-how to truly get you the highest yield for you ads. And even with your own ad-ops team you would still miss out on direct connections with premium advertisers and will have to set up the exchanges yourself.

Partnering with an ad network gives you access to a pre-optimized exchange pool, access to quality advertisers, maximized fill rates, a stress-free header bidding optimization team, and increased revenue.

At Monumetric we implement our header bidding technology on every website and use other ad technologies combined with header bidding to guarantee you 100% fulfillment at the highest price. We have a unique ad demand pool and very high advertising standards so you don’t have to worry about the quality of ads being served on your site.

All in all header bidding is what will get you the highest payout for your ads. The best part is to gain access to this technology you don’t have to look very far. Our team at Monumetric has successfully implemented thousands of sites of all sizes and know exactly what to do so you get paid what you deserve.

Discover how trusting a team of header bidding specialists could grow your revenue, click HERE to try an A/B test today on your site, and see the the difference yourself.


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