Why We’re Different

At Monumetric, we don’t just want to be the publishing network that manages your ads. We want to be your monetization partner in your publishing journey! Your time is valuable. We want to give you the ability to focus your time on your content and your readers. And most of all, we want you to be rewarded for your hard work.

We focus on yield optimization. We work to make you the most money possible for the impressions you have. Monumetric optimizes your ads in a way that earns you more revenue for the ad space you already have. We manage your ads 100% so you never have to worry about ad exchanges or passbacks.

We take the responsibility of managing your ads very seriously. We know you’re putting a lot of trust in us! That’s why we robustly test every ad we host. We only use ads that we know will perform well. New types of ads are being developed all the time, and we’re always looking for new ways to help you earn more income. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated to testing new advertisements and new units. On average, we test 5-20 new ad providers every week.

Most importantly, we are an ad network that does things the right way. We have been recognized as a trusted seller on a global scale. Monumetric is listed in the Pixalate Top 10 Trusted Global Seller Trust Index because we do things the right way. Advertisers trust us, so they’re willing to pay more for access to our publishers.

As a network, we want advertisers to pay fair rates for real traffic. We want publishers to be fairly compensated for their hard work and incredible content. In our experience, the best thing to do is do things the right way the first time.

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