One of the best and easiest ways to get people to stay on your blog longer is as simple as clicking a few keys on your keyboard. Just having good ideas won’t get you far. Your content needs to be readable to be successful!

Readability is extremely important in any presentation setting. The easier something is to read, the more people are likely to read it. The more people are likely to read it, the longer they will stay on your page. The longer they stay on your page the more money you earn. It’s that simple!

There are a few things to remember while you are creating content. Apply these same ideas to bring new life into old posts!

3 Ways Make a Good Blog Post Great (and a Great Post Fantastic).

3 Ways to Make Blog Posts More Memorable

1) Keep sentences and paragraphs short

quote on blog post readabilityThere are many readability scales that tell you how many words per sentence are the best for your readers. It’s easy to get lost in the math involved. See the equations given in this article about the Flesch-Kincaid readability test for an example. In general, it’s good to try and keep your sentences short. Use as little filler words as possible.

Make every word count!

Remember how your English teacher taught you that a paragraph should be between 4 and 8 sentences? The web is completely different. Readers are easily distracted and start to lose interest quickly. Most are not reading, they are skimming. So keep your paragraphs to around 1-4 sentences.

One easy way to help you do this is to limit each paragraph to one basic idea. This will help make sure that your blog posts aren’t too daunting to your readers.

Finally, your paragraphs should be spaced. There should be a lot of white (empty) space around them. That way your readers won’t miss anything. It will help keep your readers attention as they scan through your post. This post from Boost Blog Traffic is an excellent example. It’s long and only has one image but note how readable it is!

If you need some feedback, check out the Hemmingway App. It scores your writing. It gave us a 7/10 on this post.

The Hemmingway App is a handy way to help you determine the readability of your site . You can copy your content into the app and it will identify possible problem areas in your post.

2) Choose a readable font

fontChanging the font of your blog is the easiest and most effective way to increase readability.

It may sound silly, but the font you choose sets a lot of expectations with your readers. Your font should match the style of what you are trying to present.

Choosing the font can be a little more difficult. There are lots of options out there! Go through a few and try and find a simple, yet unique font type. It’s important that it’s not the same one that gets used everywhere.

For example, in a recent article, Bloomberg found that using Times New Roman is often like “wearing sweatpants to an interview!” They recommend using Helvetica but use something that you think is clean and easy to read.

Along with font face, consider the font size. The default font size for WordPress or Blogger is generally good enough, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring it up a point or two.

The recommended font size is around 16 pixels. You’ll probably think that 16-point font is WAY too big at first, but your readers will thank you!

3) Use quote blocks, side summaries, and pictures

Changing the font of your blog is the easiest and most effective change you can make to increase readability. Things are easier to read when they have a variety to their shape.

Plain text gets boring really fast! You can break up the visual monotony of your post by using block quotes. Or use side summaries of key points that you want your readers to notice as they are reading (or skimming!) through your post.

This page is a superb example of a post that is long but readable (see the screenshot below, here’s the reference). We’ve seen dozens of blogger income reports, but this is one of the best because it’s so readable. Notice how they use many different ways to break up the text and make the post more readable:

screenshot of blogger income report post

You can change the font size and background color of these blocks to something different from that of your normal page. This will help your readers’ eyes, and help them scan through your post when they are looking for something.

The next thing is to add pictures that relate to your post. They don’t have to be fancy, or even relate directly to what you’re writing about. Pictures will give your readers visual cues and help them visualize your points.

Adding more images to your posts make it more likely that your posts will get shared. This infographic from Canva shows the best ratio of text to images to increase shares.

The optimal image to text ratio is 1 image for every 75-100 words.

Bonus: HTML Tips

HTML Tips and Tricks

To add a box around your text use this in the code of your post:

<p style=”border-style:solid; border-color:#FF0000 width=500;”>HTML Tips and Tricks</p>

To create a shaded box, see this post from Blogging Basics.

To add a border around your images, add border=”1″ to your img code: <img src=”×2054.png” alt=”” width=”571″ height=”2054″ border=”1″ /></a>

Image quotes created by Canva.

How do you make your blog more readable? What blogs do a particularly great job at making their posts readable? Leave your techniques in the comments!

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