How to Get the Most Out of Your Analytics

Your analytics are the key to growing your site. It’s the only way to really tell what’s working and what’s not, and to effectively see the progress of your site. Incorporating a new ad strategy or testing out a new ad partner can always be risky.  So, how do you ensure you are doing what’s […]

Thinking A Rebrand? What You Need to Know Before Making the Big Change

A rebrand is much more than a quick brand makeover and should never be taken lightly. It involves hard work. It won’t happen overnight, and revamping so much involves risk. Before jumping on an exciting new idea for a change, make sure you have the time, resources, and passion behind your brand movement. There are […]

Redirects 101

Let’s talk about one of the most annoying plagues of the online advertising industry: redirects. There you are, browsing your favourite website (statistically, you’re watching cat videos—no judgement), and BAM—all of the sudden your browser minimizes and the App Store takes over and opens to the latest trendy puzzle game. So who is responsible for […]

SSL Certificates and Digital Ads Don’t Play Nice, Here’s Why.

Security is important to us all, especially when we are online.  Google knows this better than anyone and they are taking a strict stance to try to ensure that it protects the privacy of its consumers.  Security is a “top priority” for them.   Google has confirmed that HTTPS/SSL is now a ranking factor in their […]

Welcome to Monumetric

I hope by now you have all heard the exciting news that The Blogger Network is now Monumetric!  We have changed our brand (and a whole lot more) to better serve you.  Along with our new name and our new look, we will continue to provide you with a world of opportunities to help you […]

6 Pinterest Changes (and What Publishers Can Do About It)

We are excited to bring you a guest post by our friend Susan Wenner Jackson.  She’s the VP of content partnerships at Ahalogy, co-founder of the Working Moms Against Guilt blog. Learn more about Ahalogy’s free Pinterest tools and sponsored content opportunities for bloggers. What’s up with Pinterest lately? Bloggers are buzzing with this question […]

5 Reasons Working with an Agency is Good for Publishers and Brands

5 Reasons working with an Agency is Good for Publishers & Brands

The Survey that Shocked Us. According to a survey from GroupHigh, more than 68% of influential publishers say they want to work directly with brands instead of agencies and networks. GroupHigh asked for feedback from 4,000 of the top publishers in their network. These are the publishers who consistently get approached by brands to work […]