Video is not the future, It’s the present

Video advertising isn’t the future, it’s the right now. Advertisers aren’t paying for televised commercials anymore, they’re now hungry for high-quality digital video inventory. We know brands are paying high CPM’s for video ad placements so we’ve built one of the highest performing video advertising solutions for our community of publishers.

VOLT is the first video serving prebid solution available to a distributed network of publishers. Our video player generates the highest CPM’s while keeping latency lower than any other video player on the market. Now you can incorporate video into your ad strategy knowing your videos will start quickly and stream smoothly.

How It Works

As your page loads, our VOLT Video Player simultaneously calls our network of top quality demand to place their bids for this particular reader. As the bids take place, the player loads and is ready for the ad. Within seconds, your video player is playing a top-CPM ad without draining the browser’s resources.

Get started with VOLT and start increasing your pageview earnings.

Dynamic Playlists

Relevant video content for your niche without needing to create video content

Outstream Options

Outstream option so your videos are in-sight but out of the way

Pre/Mid/Post Roll

Custom options for your content

Prebid/Header Bidder

Prebid technology enables minimal latency and maximum advertiser demand

Independent Cloud Hosting Included

Benefit from high video CPM’s with minimum time requirements

Frequently Asked Questions on Video

You do not need your own video content. Based on your site’s niche, your video player will play appropriate content between advertisements.

Please contact our sales team to learn more.

Because our video player has prebid functionality, you will be required to add the Monumetric script into your headcode. This allows us to connect your site with all the top demand partners giving you the best ad performance. Our professional implementation team will assist you to ensure proper installation and troubleshooting. Or we can do it for you!

Are you ready to add video onto your site?

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