Your ideal audience,

at scale.

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Your ideal audience, at scale.

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Monumetric is a people company. We build real person-to-person relationships with every publisher in our network. These publisher partnerships are a long term investment into the future of the quality digital advertising. Similarly, we look for long-term partnerships with our advertising partners to deliver top quality experiences on top quality websites

We accept less than 7% of publishers who apply to Monumetric because of our “zero tolerance” vetting and qualification process, keeping network site quality as high as possible. Coupled with our cutting edge on-site ad management technology, Monumetric delivers exclusive access to high-performing websites across content categories and all device types.

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Advertising Partner’s Case Studies

Click below to see some of our case studies from prior campaigns.

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Total Display Impressions:  2 Billion

Mobile Web: 1.42 Billion 

Desktop Web: 580 Million

Total Video Impressions: 125 Million

Mobile Web: 85 Million

Desktop Web: 40 Million

Monthly Unique Visitors: 195 Million

United States – 125 Million

United Kingdom – 14 Million

Canada – 12 Million

Australia – 6 Million

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Demographics and Content Catagories

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See some of our TrueTarget Audience Segments

Toyota In-Market

Business Owners

Celebrity & Entertainment News

Available Ad Sizes

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