7 Ways Publishers Can Increase Their Affiliate Revenue

7 Ways Bloggers Can Increase Affiliate Revenue

The affiliate marketing channel represents 16% of total revenue for top bloggers, according to a recent survey by the Independent Fashion Bloggers Association. Yet, many publishers will say that affiliate marketing does not work for them or they see minimal returns for their efforts. If you are a blogger who feels more of the latter, […]

How I Make $3,000 A Month With IZEA

  Katie is an IZEA pro who makes $3,000 a month with their sponsored post opportunities. We reached out to her to ask how she does it. Read on for her excellent tips! What Is IZEA? IZEA is a sponsorship marketplace. You can sign up and create your profile, linking to all of your blogs […]

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Affiliate Marketing Tips Black Friday

One of our most popular posts is about how bloggers can make money with affiliate marketing. Given that Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, we wanted to share some specific tips on ways to monetize your blog posts with affiliate offers. First, a bit of background about Black Friday. […]

How Bloggers Can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers Affiliate Marketing

Most publishers know about advertising, sponsored posts, and getting paid directly from brands, but many publishers are not fully monetizing their sites. Affiliate marketing is a way to earn more money and promote many different brands without having to go out and  form new relationships. Chances are you are already promoting products and linking to them. With […]