Avoiding the Q1 Freak Out

The face you make when you check your dashboard at the beginning of Q1… Publishers everywhere dread the beginning of a new year. And it’s not because of the Christmas blues or because it’s freezing outside (though those things don’t help matters). No, it is because we have now ventured into the dreaded 1st quarter. […]

Online Ads – 13 Things Publishers Need to Know

13 Facts Bloggers Need to Know About Online Ads

In the online space, we’re interacting with ads every day. Whether we’re dealing with ads on our own site or on sites we’re visiting, online ads are everywhere. And as publishers, we have a different perspective because online ads are part of our business model. Ad revenue is part of your income. That’s why we […]

Why Online Ads Are NOT a Silly Monetization Strategy

Online Ads

There’s been a lot of talk about how putting ads on your site detracts from the aesthetics. Purists have said that you should have ads for your own products and phase out ads or ad networks altogether. Yet, another viral post talks about how putting blog ads is a silly monetization strategy. The popular bloggers who […]

4 Tips for Optimizing Ads

4 Tips for Optimizing Ads

If you’ve ever even spoken with another publisher or seen their income report, you will quickly realize not every publisher is paid the same for their ad real estate. Many factors contribute to how much an advertiser will pay for an ad space.  There are many qualifiers that advertisers use to determine what they’ll pay […]