The Perfect Recipe to Increase your RPM



The Perfect Recipe to Increase your RPM

Recipe for RPM


Start with the Basics: What is RPM?

The formula for RPM: Ad earnings divided by Impressions times 1,000

Ingredients that Impact RPM

The Most Important Ingredients to Focus On

Increase time-on-page

Make sure your content is interesting and engaging in order to keep readers on the page. Ads refresh after 30 seconds, so think about it this way. If your average reader is on your page for 49 seconds, they are only seeing one set of ads. If you can increase your time-on-page to 62 seconds, then you just doubled your impressions!

Focus on increasing your desktop traffic

Advertisers pay more for ads on Desktops because the ads are larger and more visible. Also, people on a desktop tend to stay on a page longer than those on a mobile device. That being said, Desktop RPM is almost always higher than Mobile RPM, so the higher percentage of your traffic is through Desktop, the more money you will make.

Increase U.S. traffic

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