How to Improve Your Site Speed



How to Improve Your Site Speed

increase site speed


Use a reliable hosting provider

Optimize your image sizes

Minimize how many plugins you use

Use browser caching

Minimize HTTP requests

Optimize your website's code

Monitor and track your website's performance

Optimize your ad settings

At Monumetric, we optimize your ads during implementation, but we have additional settings we can enable upon request.

  • Asynchronous Loading: By default, the browser will load elements one at a time. Once one element is finished loading, it will move on to the next and continue on one by one. Asynchronous loading allows the browser to load multiple elements at once, which improves load times. In some cases, this may decrease ad earnings, so it is something we would monitor once it is enabled.
  • Defer Head Code: This setting puts a pause on loading the Monumetric head code until the rest of the site has loaded. Once the page is finished loading, the ads will then be called. This setting should only be used as a last resort because it will most likely have a negative affect on your ad revenue.

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