Metrics That Matter

  The advertising world has a reputation for throwing around a lot of numbers. With so many different metrics to track on your site, it can be confusing to know which measurements actually matter when it comes to understanding your monetization strategy. In the end, you need to know how to track the success of your ad revenue […]

What Does Viewability Mean & Why does it Matter?

  If you ever driven down a major street or highway in any city whether it be Vegas, New York or even Salt Lake City, you’ll quickly notice the bombardment of loud billboards lining your commute. On a rare occasion though, you might see tall exit signs, buildings, electricity poles, and construction equipment blocking your view of these massive floating […]

4 Tips for Optimizing Ads

4 Tips for Optimizing Ads

If you’ve ever even spoken with another publisher or seen their income report, you will quickly realize not every publisher is paid the same for their ad real estate. Many factors contribute to how much an advertiser will pay for an ad space.  There are many qualifiers that advertisers use to determine what they’ll pay […]

7 Ways to Get Your Site Ready For The Holidays

Holidays are Coming 7 Ways to Get Ready

As we get closer to the holidays, publishers are not just busy planning the festivities, but capitalizing on the monetization opportunities that spark during the holiday seasons. The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year because it’s when you get the most traffic, and when ad providers spend the majority of their budgets […]